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So, there once was a family of three who decided they were going to move to Spain. Yes, you heard me. Spain.  And we sold everything we owned.  Almost.

Why We Sold (Almost) Everything We Own

Why We Sold Everything We Own (Almost)

Most of you may not know this, but we very nearly moved to Spain this year. LIKE… we had paid to have all of our important documents translated into Spanish. We had appointments to get our Visas. Ron had been accepted to a graduate school in Barcelona. We were looking at apartments. I was making Facebook friends in Barcelona.
And then we didn’t.
A big something came up and put a wrench in our plans.
But, before Spain “didn’t happen,” we had started selling everything we owned… because we couldn’t take it with us on the airplane. We made the decision to go to Spain with just a duffel bag per person. And that was a hard decision for me.
What about my stuff? My furniture? My art? My sheets? My towels? My jewelry? My extra clothes?? My plates, my bowls… MY STUFF!!!!!
As attached to my stuff as I was, I was more attached to the idea of taking an adventure.
And selling everything we owned turned out to be the most freeing, adventurous experience of my life. Over the course of six months of selling things, I experienced a massive shift of perspective. With every item sold or donated, I became more attached to my family, my values and my health instead of my furniture, my vases, my things. I began to feel lighter and more free.
It worked out well, in the end… we decided to do our move out West without renting a moving truck, so everything must go anyways…
This piece is the last of the last. My great grandfather’s dresser. It has been in my bedroom since I was a little girl.
This dresser represents the last of the last.
I am selling it this week. It’s just a thing. A beautiful thing, but there are a lot of beautiful things in the world. I am going to live from a place of “I CAN.” If I want another beautiful thing, I CAN GO OUT AND BUY IT AGAIN. There are other beautiful things in the world. This is not the last beautiful thing I will own.
Instead, I’m taking this picture of my dresser and I’m putting it in a photo album called “Stuff I used to own.” It will be a beautiful memory for me. And I am not sad. I think everyone should do this once in their lives… get rid of EVERYTHING!
Are you attached to your things? Could you envision yourself doing this?

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