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What do you do When Diets Don’t Work?  Try the Kale and Brownie Diet.  This might be a game changer!

When Diets Don't Work: The Kale & Brownie Diet. By TotalLifestyleManagement.com/

When Diets Don’t Work: The Kale & Brownie Diet. By TotalLifestyleManagement.com/


I can’t claim complete credit for this miraculous weight loss technique – the idea was first had by a brilliant yoga teacher whom I believe would like to remain nameless.

Eating right is hard.  I’ve struggled with emotional and physiological food addiction for years.  Although I’m thin, fit and a health coach I am still far from where I would like to be.   That’s one of the things that makes me a great guide – I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.  So what do you do when diets don’t work?

When Diets Don’t Work

As Jill Coleman of JillFit would say, “To get lean, stop thinking about fat loss as a protocol. Think about it as an education in YOU. ”  I love these words from Jill’s blog and I try to live by them.

As a coach, it’s part of my job to recognize patterns of human behavior and help my clients avoid them.   It’s also my job to take a hard look at the person I am working with and make a program specifically for them, not for Cindy across the street or Jack down the hall.

I can look at some clients and say “stop eating dairy, stop eating grains, stop eating refined foods,” give them a high five and send them off knowing that they will have no problem complying.  Every person isn’t capable of instant compliance, though.  We all struggle with our own personal demons.  We all have weaknesses that affect our ability to make change in our life.  As a life and nutrition coach, my job is to simplify simplify simplify until my clients have absolutely no doubt that they can achieve what I am asking of them.  Sometimes that means the first step is a very little step.

With that being said, remember this:

It’s easier to give and harder to take away.  It’s easier to start and harder to stop.  

This is the founding principle of the brownie and kale diet.

Making Change

The reasons we do “Bad” to our bodies are deep seeded issues that we must give attention to for our entire lives.  We’ll all experience peaks and valleys in our fitness for eternity – the goal is to make the peaks and valleys level off with each other.

It’s also really hard to stop doing “bad” when you haven’t learned anything “good” to replace it with.  

So, the simplest and easiest first step is to focus on giving yourself good things instead of taking away bad things.  Then see how it goes after that.  That’s all you can do when diets don’t work.

Hence the brownie and kale diet.

Let’s say my fake client Candace comes to me eating a dozen brownies per day.  We keep it simple.  I ask her to change one thing per week.   The easiest first step might not be to stop eating the cookies – it’s to ask her to start doing something good for herself.

As that mystery yoga teacher said “hold a donut in one hand and green smoothie in another.  Alternate a bite of the brownie and a sip of the green smoothie.  Repeat.”  Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.  Putting something good into you body is a catalyst for change.  Eventually, you’ll move begin eliminating the crap (like cookies and brownies)  in your diet and move on to another diet that’s more wholesome.

Are you having trouble eating “clean” in the New Year?  Do you feel like every diet you’ve tried has failed you?

Try to the brownie and kale diet.  I think you’ll like it.


PS – In case you were confused, I don’t actually advocate eating kale and brownies to lose weight.





  1. Lana
    January 21, 2014

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    Love your personal approach to health and fitness coaching 🙂

  2. Jo, My Gosh!
    January 22, 2014

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    How about a brownie and brownie diet? 🙂 Just kidding. I agree– I have found more success when I diet or change my eating habits to realistic ones that I can actually achieve. (Especially in regards to desserts. If I eat just a little every day, it’s way better than cutting them out entirely… and then giving in and eating a bag of peanut butter cups in one sitting. Not that I’ve done that… um…)

  3. Elizabeth
    January 24, 2014

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    The most important thing for me to learn was to focus on my health, and not deprivation. When it became choosing the best option for me, to nurture myself, and to really take care of myself, all of a sudden I wasn’t depriving myself of sweets, I was treating myself to more years with my husband being active! Of course, we still have treats, but they’re much healthier versions and things!
    Great post!

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