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Her’es my Third Trimester Pregnancy Fitness Update!  I’m feeling really great – baby is healthy and so am I!  I’m getting a little more tired, but only when I actually have time to slow down and notice : )   I’m happy that I’ve maintained a lot of muscle mass.  My varicose veins are pretty bad and I am wearing compression stockings for that, but all the work I did with my women’s health physical therapist really paid off – my pelvic floor feels great, I have no pain from my diastasis recti anymore AND I haven’t sneezed & peed once this pregnancy.  Winner winner!

I’m getting pretty excited to see what’s left under this baby belly of mine… I used a little photoshop fun to see what I might look like after the baby comes out.  If only my stomach were actually going to be that flat and not stretched out! 😉  I’ll be trying post-partum belly binding this time.  I’m doing it to help my diastasis heal, but it certainly won’t hurt for helping to reshape my midsection after 9 months of stretching it out!

Hey, did you miss my 28-week-pregnant deadlifting video?  Then you must not be following my facebook page!

Third Trimester Pregnancy Fitness Update

Third Trimester Pregnancy Fitness Update

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