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How much time do you spend sitting, daily? Sitting too much? Scientists have shown that the amount of time you spend sitting can increase your risk of heart disease regardless of how much you exercise.   Excessive sitting also affects the alignment of your body, the health of your joints and the health of your muscles; It increases your risk of injury and leads to problems like osteoarthritis, low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, pelvic prolapse, urinary incontinence, problems with childbirth and too many more to name.  For more info on my philosophy of sitting, resting positions and movement visit the lifestyle of movement page.  Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement is another incredible resource on this matter.  

Are you sitting too much? Use this quiz to examine your habits. Scientists have shown that the amount of time you spend sitting can increase your risk of heart disease regardless of how much you exercise..

Use this Sitting, Moving & Grooving Quiz to help you get a picture of what your daily movement pattern looks like.


Sitting too much?

How much do you sit every day?  

Add it up:

Sitting at the computer: ___ hrs ___ min
Sitting in front of the tv: ___ hrs ___ min
Sitting while driving: ___ hrs ___ min
Sitting at breakfast, lunch and dinner: ___ hrs ___ min
Sitting during recreational activities: ___ hrs ___ min
Sitting on a bench at the park or playground: ___ hrs ___ min
Sitting on the toilet (yes, this counts): ___ hrs ___ min

How much time do you spend, moving?
Walking: ___ hrs ___ min
Running: ___ hrs ___ min
Bicycling: ___ hrs ___ min
Strength training: ___ hrs ___ min
Dancing: ___ hrs ___min
Kayaking: ___ hrs ___ min
Surfing: ___hrs ___min
Paddleboarding:___ hrs ___min
Gardening: ___ hrs ___ min
Yoga: ___ hrs ___ min
Other sport: ___ hrs ___ min

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How many resting body positions do you move through during a day?
Deep Squatting __
Bending Forward from the Hip (Small “Toe Touch”) __
Bending Backward from the Hip and Spine __
Sitting Cross Legged __
Sitting Cross Legged, One Leg Extended __
Sitting Cross Legged, Both Legs Extended __
Kneeling with Your Hips on Your Heels __
Kneeling on Both Knees, Hips Up __
Kneeling on One Knee __
Sitting in a “Butterfly” Position __
Sitting in a chair __
Other __

How many movements do you make with your spine every day?
Forward Bending (Making a “Rainbow” with your back)__
Back Bending (Making a letter “U” with your back)  __
Side Bending __
Rotation/Twisting __


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