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Are you thinking of setting running New Year’s Resolutions? RUNNERS OF 2016, DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE: I start to see this every year around this time – people setting goals to get in shape/lose weight by running a half marathon or marathon.

What’s the problem with a Running New Year’s Resolutions?

I LOVE when people embark on a new fitness venture that they love, but please know that you are putting yourself at risk for injury if you quickly take up running while overweight! Running is a high impact activity to begin with – add “X” extra pounds and it’s even more high impact. If you’ve been inactive for the past year, your joints and tendons are not prepared for high impact activities.  There’s a reason recreational runners have a high rate of injury.  Unfortunately, one injury can lead to major setbacks in your health and fitness goals.  You never know how long an injury will sideline you for. 

So how can you prevent this?

Please focus on your nutrition and LOW IMPACT for at least 6 weeks (more if you have more weight to lose. Also, low impact doesn’t have to mean low intensity). Get some bodyweight off before you start running miles and miles!  This helps to lessen the impact placed on your joints.  Six weeks of low impact activity will help to prepare your tendons and ligaments for your increase in activity.  

Need help?

I’d love to help you figure out the first and safest step in your running career.   Please reach out to me by e-mail, on facebook or on instagram.  Not in the position to receive coaching?  I offer short, inexpensive consultations AND lots of free content on my mailing list and blog.  Whatever your price point, I offer something to help you take your goals and make them a reality.  I want you to be successful in the New Year!

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