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Pregnancy Fitness Update at 24 Weeks Pregnant

Haven’t done a pregnancy update in a while!  Ta da! This time, I am showing you a video called “pregnancy negative chin ups video.”

Disclaimer:  Nothing in this video constitutes health or fitness advice, it is simply an example of what I am doing now.  It is meant to inspire.  Do not participate in this exercise without clearance from a medical professional and proper supervision from a fitness professional.  A spotter is recommended, as there is risk of falling while pregnant.  Perform this exercise at your own risk.  This page contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive a percentage of the profits from any purchases made through the link.  

It’s from my workout today.  Prior to pregnancy, I had just achieved my goal of doing 4 (almost 5!) full chin ups.  I was so excited.  However, my growing belly and growing weight means pullups are a lot harder these days.  Doing negatives is a great way to keep pullups available in my work.  In any lift, you are stronger on the way down (eccentric phase) than the way up.  So, my muscle can handle my heavier bodyweight as I move downward.  I use a box to stand up and skip the “up” phase (concentric) phase.


Pregnancy Eccentric Chin Ups at 24 Weeks Pregnant

AGAIN:  If you choose to do this exercise, be careful about the risk of falling from the box.  Falls can lead to trauma to your belly and baby.  This is not my first baby, so I feel comfortable stepping up on the box.  Please be careful and know that there is risk involved to height!

Another option is to use a stretch band (like this one) for assistance.  I hope to highlight that exercise in the future.

Other than that, I am still feeling well.  I am not running as much (some run walks), but I’ve taken up swimming.  I’ve found I really love it!  I continue to do what I call “barbell cardio.”

Still deadlifting several times per week, in varying repetition and weight schemes.  Trap bar deadlift and sumo deadlift feel the best right now.  I’ve dropped the weight on my kettlebell work, but still doing it.

Pregnancy Negative Chin Ups Video

Here’s a video of me doing eccentric chin ups (aka negatives) at the gym today.  I’m wearing a better binder belly support under my clothes, focusing on effective breathing and maintaining a pelvic brace!  These things are crucial for preventing diastasis recti, hernias and back injuries.

Pregnancy negative chin ups video.





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