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Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching: Is The Program Right For Me?

“Let me warn you: if you’re looking for a casual read, a celebrity diet, a tip here and there, or something to sit on the coffee table, I strongly recommend you look elsewhere.  But if you’ve finally decided it’s time to get serious about building the body you’ve always wanted, you’re in the right place.” –

This program is about one thing:  Results.  It’s about starting with you, now, and taking you to where you want to go.

Online Fitness Coaching by Lauren S. at

Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching by Lauren S. at

That means taking your old habits and giving you a new, easy and satisfying “normal” that fits YOUR goals and way of life.

Results are not always an easy thing to get.  Many people struggle with their nutrition and weight loss goals for years and years.

My job is to use the latest knowledge in my field to ensure that you get results.  In addition to staying up to date on the latest nutrition science, I use behavioral science to reset your  living patterns – in a way that’s so easy that you’ll soon feel like your way of life is an easy “autopilot” that you can sustain for the rest of your life.

Likewise, if you’re looking for meal plans then this is not the program for you.  I DO provide a nutrition system that teaches you to create your own meal plan, but I do not make the meal plan for you.  I think it’s important to choose your own foods (foods you like!) and to understand how to plan your eating habits, yourself.

I offer meal planning services for clients with very, very specific needs.  Please inquire by e-mail.

How does Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching work? 
Together, we’ll make small changes that will add up to an eating system that works for you – one that you enjoy and are able to maintain.  This is not a quick fix, as most diets and nutrition systems are.  This is about establishing a new way of life and a new relationship with your food.  In most cases, you’ll eventually be able to go about your life without counting calories or identifying foods as good or bad.

Private coaching is available.

Group coaching is through Facebook group and is 60 days long.  You’ll be expected to login to the Private Facebook Group, daily, to complete a small task or lesson.  Exercise plans and nutrition plans are provided along with coaching.

Apply for coaching now.

Is this only for weight loss or can I try to gain muscle? 
I can tailor your program to increase your lean body mass, too.

What do I get with Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching?
– Accountability to your coach and your fellow teammates.
– Cutting edge guidance on what to eat, when to eat and how to eat it.
– Coaching delivered at a pace that ensures it will stick.  No rebound weight gain!  Based on the latest research in behavior modification.
– Clear directions and lessons in plain English.
– Access to exclusive events and a team facebook group.
– An experienced, credentialed coach who practices evidence-based nutrition.
– An approach tailored for you.  No one-size-fits-all programs.
– Consistent contact with Lauren & a system of accountability.
– Assistance establishing an exercise program that works for your goals, abilities and tastes.
– Regular reassessments.
– Culinary Education that includes recipes, kitchen skills and more.
– Kitchen makeover and supermarket assistance, as needed.

Why Do I Have to Check In On the Facebook Group? I’m not looking forward to a daily lesson/task.

If you don’t want to complete the daily lesson then you certainly don’t have to.

In my experience, most people don’t fail at “diets” because they don’t know what to eat – it’s because they lack the motivation, social support and accountability to stick with them.  The Facebook group provides an opportunity to gain support from peers, to be accountable to others and to stay engaged in your goals on a daily basis.

What are some examples of what I’ll learn?
You’ll learn how to:
– Navigate the grocery store and create grocery lists.
– Set your kitchen up to promote healthy eating.
– Enjoy cooking and spend time in your kitchen.
– Create a personal recipe book to draw from.
– Find meal inspiration.
– Use the 5 habits of healthy eating to choose your meals without a meal plan.
– Fit dining out and social occasions into your plan.
– Stop counting calories and yo yo dieting.
– Create a “motivation” routine to keep you engaged in your goals.

Who are you, anyways?

1) Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
2) Formerly Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM)
3) Registered Yoga Teacher (YA)
4) MS in Sport Science
5) Level I Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)

She has nearly 9 years of experience working with professional athletes, celebrities and normal folk.  She spends almost all of her free time staying up to date on the latest information in nutrition and exercise science.  You can read more about her in the “About Us” section of this web page.

What will Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching cost me? 

At this time, coaching is a minimum 60 day commitment.  Plans start at $140 for group online coaching.  Please contact me for availability and for one-on-one rates.  I reserve the right to deny group coaching to clients who require special attention.

Once you reach your goals, you’re welcome to stay involved in the program so you can continue to reap the benefits of being accountable to a coach.  All clients receive a lifetime membership to my private accountability team page and affordable “maintenance memberships” are available.

Apply for Coaching Now.

To give you some perspective
One hour of my time is usually $65-85/hour, depending on the region I’m working in.
A good personal trainer is at least $650/month.
Ordering Pizza 3 times per month costs an average of $38/month.
Precision Nutrition’s lean eating program is $149/month for 12 months.
A YMCA-style gym membership is approximately $43 to 75/month, depending on your region.
One session with a top trainer at a luxury gym is $135/hour.
A month of nutrition coaching.meal planning with a fitness champion  is between $130 and $300/month.

How do I sign up?

Click here to apply for coaching.  Alternatively, Call me at  434-260-FIT1, e-mail me at info AT this web site address OR send me a facebook message at

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