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This is my sugar addiction story.  10 years ago, this was my section of the grocery store. I would have little Debbie Swiss rolls at breakfast and Chocolate chip cookies with dinner. I would sometimes eat 20 or 30 cookies PER SITTING!! It was embarrassing, but I played it off like it was something cool. I drank maple syrup from the bottle. While I was thin from hours of dance class per week, I got sick all the time and never had any energy. I got into the habit of doing “penalty box” cardio to compensate for my overeating. I even lied to my then-boyfriend-now-husband about what I was eating. He would throw away junk food that I brought home. I ate out of the trash on several occasions.

My Battle With Sugar Addiction

My Sugar Addiction Story Continues…

Even after I became a personal trainer/strength and conditioning coach, changing my ways was extremely hard. I wanted to stop and become healthier, but I would ALWAYS find myself back to binge eating sugar and junk food. Did you watch my periscope about eating out of the trash? Lying about what I was eating?? I was ashamed and felt like a failure. I felt like I was the only person who couldn’t just suck it up and “eat right”.

I became involved with coaches who had a tough love mentality, which didn’t make anything better. Tough love doesn’t work. Extreme programs don’t work. I adopted the same mentality with my clients in an attempt to hide my own failures . I knew what I needed to do but somehow I just couldn’t do it.
Flash forward to 2016. I am like a different person. I don’t battle my sugar addiction on a daily basis anymore. I don’t have to crash exercise to make up for bingeing. I rarely get sick and I have tons of energy. Most importantly, I am happy and understand that sugar addiction is a very real thing that no one should feel ashamed of!!

Six months postpartum, my body is back to where it was pre baby… with less than 40 minutes per day of exercise. I’ve found a sustainable, fool proof way to eat… Without feeling deprived or starving myself!!

Do you hear YOUR story in any of this?

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