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Do you stock your refrigerator full of greens only to find them wilting before you’re able to use them? It’s a struggle to keep greens fresh, especially if you grocery shop weekly or every two weeks.  There’s nothing more frustrating than wasted produce.


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Keep Greens Fresh

Cut down on wilting by storing your greens in water in your refrigerator.  The leafy greens will drink the water through the stems.  That way, you can keep green fresh the same way as a bouquet of flowers.  Store your greens on a shelf or even on the kitchen table if you don’t have a refrigerator.  They will still keep very well.

Kale, chard, and collards all fit nicely into a vase.  Larger pitchers are convenient for larger bundles, or for fitting two bundles at once.  This trick even works for leeks and fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, dill, basil and thyme!!  The toughest part is rearranging your refrigerator shelves to accommodate the height of the arrangement.  Once you master that, then you’ll be set.

I love that I get to enjoy my beautiful vases more often.  I also had several “useless” vases from flower deliveries that are now receiving new use.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you enjoy putting “green arrangements” on your table as a centerpiece!  I really do find them beautiful.

You might consider trimming the stems of the greens before you put them into the vase, just as you would with flowers.  Cutting the stems under water will expose fresh vascular flesh (to take up water) without introducing air bubbles into the plant.  Air bubbles can stop the leaves from receiving water and make them wilt.

Have you tried this?  I would love to see your photos!  Tag me on instagram (@laurensfitcoach) or leave a comment on facebook!

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