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So, a year ago this month I was stepping on the NPC stage for the first time, and I looked like this…

NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren S.

NPC Bikini Competitor Lauren S.

Almost exactly a year later, I look like this:

37 Week Pregnancy Fitness Update

I’m 37 weeks pregnant – still fit and slowing down!

My Fitness Update, 37 Weeks Pregnant:

I want to give a realistic picture of what my body looks like when I’m pregnant – I feel like too many pregnant women “hide” their bodies.  I’m not posting professional photos, airbrushed photos or selfies from the perfect angle.  I want you to see the real thing!

I’m fit, happy and healthy, but there’s a definite difference between my non-pregnant and pregnant body.  I maintained as much muscle mass as I could (that was my big goal for this pregnancy), but my body fat is definitely higher (necessary for the health of baby) and I lost some lower body mass from contraindications to my lifting.  No matter how fit you stay, your body is going to be different when you’re pregnant!  Embrace it and don’t hate it!  I am very happy knowing that I truly kept doing as much as I possibly could – and knowing that it will be much easier to return to “normal” after this baby is born!

I had to slow my pace down, this week – not bad, as it’s the first time I can say I needed to “slow down” for this pregnancy.  No more deadlifting, less time on my feet, less cardio.  I am still doing single leg squats (4×10 to the bench, still!), light leg press and light kettlebell squats/deadlifts.  I’ve gained 27 lbs since my first midwife appointment (~10 weeks).  I estimate I’ve gained about 30 lbs, total, so far.  I am really not focused on weight, though – more how I feel.  I hadn’t missed one workout for this entire pregnancy and averaged 5 days per week, with most weeks achieving 6 days of physical activity per week.  I took my first deliberate day off last week, opting for a long nap instead.

Post-Baby Goals

I really want to stay on top of my goals post-baby.  I know that going from 1 child to 2 is going to be a big change, on top of several changes that we have going on in our personal life.  So, I enlisted the help and accountability of a fellow coach to keep me motivated!  I really believe in the impact a coach can have on reaching your goals, so I am practicing what I preach!

Alyx and I both agreed that this next year is not the time for me to be following a meal plan, trying to excessively cut  body fat or doing water cycling for a show.  My first priority is facilitating breastfeeding and mothering.  Instead, I’ll be focusing on building my muscular base more and maintaining a body fat that is easy to “cut down” for modeling and shows.

My body fat does not define my self worth, so I am excited about this set of goals!

Here are the goals I sent to Alyx Ulbrich, WBFF Pro, with some small things left out

“1.  Have the most gorgeous physique possible in 1 year, taking into the challenges/changes coming up and supporting breastfeeding/mothering.   […].

Would like to *maybe* show again after 1 year (July 2016), with timing depending on how long I need to cut.  Not sure what organization or division.

2.  Build some muscle.  I’m not sure how much.  Probably a lot/as much as possible.  I’m not really thinking about this according to fitting into a competition category… just something I want to do. PS I will definitely be able to lift 4-5 x/week for the month of July and probably August, too (have a gym I can bring baby too).

3.  Deadlift 225 for 5.  Max I’ve done is 205 for 5 and it did not feel great.  I haven’t done anything under 8 reps in ~6 months.  My nervous system is sleepy!
4.  5 Pullups – I could do 4 before I got pregnant this time. I’m not sure where I am now… my lat pull down is about the same.
5.  Run a 5k with an 8 minute mile or better.  I am a super slow runner so this seems ambitious, but needs to be done.  “
 Baby should be coming any day now… wish me luck!
Fitness Update 37 Weeks Pregnant

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