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I think the title says it all – Fit Parenting, OR Then he threw up on me.

At 5 PM – without warning – my son threw up on me.  He had fallen asleep with his head on my shoulder and then BLAH.  You know the rest.

I got him cleaned up and held him again to comfort him.  As I rocked him, I took a moment to take one of the best “selfies” I have.

Fit Parenting / Sick Kiddo Selfie | Total Lifestyle Management

Sick Kiddo Selfie

On Fit Parenting

All I could think was – this is why I work out.  This is why I take care of my body.

I lift heavy weights, so I can hold him  for as long as he needs to feel my arms around him; so I can carry him home when he’s walked a little too far for his tiny legs; so I can lift him high into the air and see his belly shake with laughter.

Fit Parenting: A Blog Post at TotalLifestyleManagement.com

I push myself hard when I work out, so I am prepared when life pushes back.  I have confronted the weaknesses of my character during my challenges at the gym, becoming a little better with each passing day.  I have developed strength in my body and so naturally I have strengthened my mind.  I make myself better for him.  I make myself better for the children we don’t yet have. I make myself better for my grandchildren and, god willing, my great grandchildren. 

I nourish my body with whole foods, so my energy for him is boundless.  My only stimulants are love and willpower .

I keep every part of myself at the ready so I can provide for him.  It’s wonderful to be fit.  It’s wonderful to be a parent.  A fit parent, however, is unstoppable.

Do you practice fit parenting? What’s your motivation?


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