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As the school year ramps up for so many of us, I had to share my favorite lunchbox Bento boxes!  I have to say that I definitely haven’t tried them ALL – but  I DID do a fair amount of research on Amazon reviews.  And I am totally thrilled with these lunchbox bento boxes!

Favorite lunchbox bento boxes

Favorite lunchbox bento boxes

My favorite lunchbox Bento Boxes

These are the Goodbyn Hero Bento Boxes.  We have one for each member of our family, and we ordered them in different colors so it’s easy to keep track of whose lunch is whose (because sissy won’t eat what brother eats, daddy gets twice as much protein as I do, etc).

I like these because they are cute.  Duh.

I like these because they are sealed!  Many other bento boxes (including stainless steel options) aren’t water-tight between containers.  I like my bento items to stay in their bento compartments, so leakage is a big NO NO in my book.

I like these because they come with two tiny sauce boxes, so I can send my little ones to school with a small side of mustard, hot sauce or whatever they require.

They are BPA-free plastic.  I wish that they were silicon or stainless steel, but it is what it is!  I don’t put anything hot in them, since we typically don’t heat up our lunches.

They fit inside most standard lunch boxes.  I can slide these into my kids’ fabric boxes, with a cooler pack, utensils and a napkin.  It zips up right around it.

You can also use them without a fabric lunchbox, because they have their own handle.  So if you’re carrying non-perishable that don’t require refrigeration, take it on its own!

I especially love these bento boxes for when I’m trying to prepare lots of lunches/meals ahead of time.  They make it really easy to store my healthy food and get organized for the week!! If you’re looking for some ideas on what to put in the bento boxes, make sure you follow me over on Facebook and maybe even get in on the 10 Days to Skinny Jeans free group I’m running on September 18th!!


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