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One of the perks of blogging is I get to try some really gnarly new products for free – I was given just that opportunity, recently, with a new food product for athletes – EnergyBits.  I aM excited to have the opportunity to do this EnergyBits Review.  Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  I received product as compensation for my post.  As always, opinions are my own.

EnergyBits Review: A Plant-based, Whole Food Supplement for Weight Loss & Sport Performance


Supplements and I

Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT take supplements often. I like real food, unadultered by processed crud.  I don’t like additives and fillers.  I don’t like artificial sweeteners. And it’s hard to find anything in a nutrition store that’s pure. In fact, I bought my first tub of protein power just this year – after nearly 8 years in the fitness industry – because I dislike most supplements so much.  

EnergyBits Review

That’s one of the reasons I’m so crazy about the idea of EnergyBits –  they’re real food!  They’re made out of spirulina algae that’s been dried and pressed into a tiny tablet “pill,” so its more palatable than eating the real algae.

If you’ve never heard of Spirulina, you’re missing out.  This little algae delivers benefits ranging from sport performance to improved focus and amped up energy.  So what’s in this stuff?

First, it’s got lots of protein.  According to the folks at EnergyBits, these tablets have the highest concentration of protein out of any food in the world – all while packing only 30 calories per recommended dose.  The protein is already broken down into amino acids, meaning that they’re quickly absorbed into your bloodstream so they can be used for fuel.  Even better, spirulina is a complete protein – meaning it contains all the amino acids that your body can’t make itself.

Even better, it’s also got B vitamins (important for metabolism!), iron, minerals and antioxidants.

The spirulina in EnergyBits also contains nitric oxide, a substance that scientists think might improve sport performance by improving the delivery to oxygen in working tissues (researchers are still mixed on this, though – if you’re a super dork like me, then check out the review “The Effect of Nitric-Oxide-Related Supplements on Human Performance” in the journal Sports Medicine, volume 42, issue 2, pp 99-117).

EnergyBits Review | Total Lifestyle Management

I had thought that EnergyBits might work very similarly to a branch chain amino acid supplement – BCAAs – and could be a good, natural replacement for a BCAA powder (Background: BCAAs are used for fuel during activity.  Eating BCAAs makes them more available in your blood stream, so supplementing with BCAAs can boost work output, aid in recovery and help build muscle).  However, you’d need to take 5 servings of  EnergyBits to get the same dose of BCAAs as in a powder – leucine, isoleucine and valine normally make up 50%/25% /25% of 5 g of BCAA powder- the 5g of protein in EnergyBits is made up of ALL the different amino acids, with 8.2% /5.4% / 5.2% being the three branch chain amino acids.  So, you’d need to take roughly 5 servings of EnergyBits to get the equivalent of one serving of BCAA powder.  The protein-punch of EnergyBits is still relevant with other goals in mind, though.

Each serving of EnergyBits is 30 calories and 5 g of protein – it won’t raise your blood sugar and cause an insulin response, so I consider it an appropriate supplement to use for fasted exercise.  I tried it on several days of fasting and found that it curbed my hunger and helped keep me from feeling “foggy.”

Things That Make You Say “Hmmm”

One claim that EnergyBits makes is that the spirulina protein is immediately absorbed into the body and quickly converted to glucose, which can then be used to fuel activity (if you’re a science geek, some amino acids go through gluconeogenesis and other components enter the krebs cycle).  While it’s true that protein can be converted to glucose, whether that happens or not is up to your body.  If your body isn’t energy depleted then the protein might simply go into the amino acid pool.

Second, I doubt that it’s possible to use EnergyBits as a sole source of fuel during an endurance event (as the EnergyBits web site loosely implies).  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  33 tablets of EnergyBits contain only 30 calories – those 30 calories of protein can only be converted to 30 calories of glucose in the body.  Anybody who has ever run on a treadmill with a calorie counter knows that you utilize hundreds and hundreds of calories to run.  You’d have to take several servings of EnergyBits during a race to come close to the amount of energy you could get from a typical sport supplement.  I think athletes who use EnergyBits MUST use some other race-time nutrition, too.

The Logistics

Spirulina doesn’t taste so good on its own – you could buy it in a powder and blend it into smoothies, but that’s not ideal if you’re trying to eat for fat loss (I don’t recommend drinking calories if you’re trying to lose fat) or if you practice fasting, like I do.  EnergyBits are packaged into little tablets – just swallow them with water and, voila, you’ll get all the benefits of Spirulina.  These won’t upset your stomach before a run or event, which is especially important if you’re a competitive athlete.

EnergyBits are pricey, with a month’s supply running around $115 – for our family, that’s one week of groceries.   However, it’s only a little more expensive than a monthly supply of other popular supplements  – or, the equivalent of a nice dinner out.  If you have the money to put towards your sport performance and feel like you need a boost then this product might be for you – get with your coach and/or nutritionist to evaluate if it has a place in your training regimen.  EnergyBits has an ambassador program that could help you defer the cost, too.

Please note, this product isn’t for you if you don’t like swallowing pills!  You’ll have to swallow 30 individual capsules per dose – I didn’t like the idea of it, but they were actually very easy to swallow because they’re not too big.  I swallowed them in groups of five with no problem.

The Recap of My EnergyBits Review

This plant-based sport supplement is packed with protein, nitric oxide, b vitamins and iron.  It’s well suited for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-frees.  I think it’s particularly great to alleviate the “dizzies” while fasting and the nitric oxide might help boost cardiovascular performance.  However, I doubt that EnergyBits are an appropriate supplement to use for energy during a sport activity.  I expect they need to be paired with something else.

If you’re curious about it, I’m giving away one serving of EnergyBits to a lucky reader!  Just enter using the rafflecopter app below.

ENERGYbits are only available at, and Jonathan (their Community Manager) has shared with me that he’d be happy to connect anyone with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits, or more info on their sample program – you can email him at– thank you to EnergyBits for sponsoring this giveaway!  I hope you gained some useful information from this EnergyBits review. 

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EnergyBits Review & Sponsored Giveaway

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