Free Sports Affirmations for Running MP3

Sports Affirmations for Running: Download this FREE MP3 to train your mind the way you train your body.

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Do you run?  I’ve dabbled in running for most of my “Fit” life – it’s so convenient and I love being in the great outdoors.  I would by no means consider myself a great runner.  About 10 years ago, I could hardly run two blocks (truth – just ask my husband.  He thought I was faking it).  I rarely go over 5 miles now and prefer shorter, faster distances…. but I’m still a much better runner now.  Even with my improved performance, I’ve noticed my internal monologue isn’t so great when I’m running.  “This is hard.  I can’t wait to stop.  Are we there yet?”  Enter Sports Affirmations for Running.

Sports Affirmations for Running: Download this FREE MP3 to train your mind the way you train your body.

Sports Affirmations for Running

Years ago, I decided to help change my inner monologue by making an audio track of positive statements about running.  Affirmations had worked great for me when I had used them before, so I was excited to apply them to my athletic endeavors.  Low and behold, my clients loved using the MP3s too.  I made them for my golfers and tennis players, too.

Affirmations are positive statements that help to improve the way you feel about yourself and your athletic performance.  As long as you have some shred of positivity about running and YOU running, these MP3s can help magnify those positive feelings and reset your inner monologue (Side note: Are you a complete negative Nancy about running? You’ve probably chosen the wrong way to get fit.  I highly recommend contacting me, so you can find a way of getting fit that makes you JOYFUL!).  Having a stronger mind means you will run faster and go farther – whether you are a beginner on those first few (very difficult) runs, or a seasoned athlete looking to push your pace in your next race.

After a successful stint on Amazon and ITunes, I’m offering my Sports Affirmations for runners FREE for a limited time.  All you have to do is click here and sign up for my newsletter – after you sign-up, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to your downloads (you can download Sports Affirmations for Golf, Sports Affirmations for Tennis AND Sports Affirmations for Runners!).  Even better, you’ll be the first to know when I upload other FREEBIES and you’ll have access to exclusive articles that are only for my newsletter subscribers.

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Carozoo Kids’ Shoe Review & Giveaway

Carazoo Kids Shoe Review

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Welcome to my Carozoo Kids’ Shoe Review.  If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I am obsessed with finding the healthiest footwear for my son – learn more about my criteria and available brands at this link.  Buying healthy shoes is not cheap, though.  Most of the brands I like were priced at $35 or higher per pair.   Even worse, my (previously) favorite brand stops making shoes after the 12-24 month size range, so I found myself scrambling to find a new shoe brand when my son outgrew them.  And then I found these shoes.


Carozoo Kids' Shoe Review

Awesome.  Absolutely awesome.  They are leather shoes with suede soles… so soft, so simple, so supple and they fit all of my “healthy shoe rules.”  They come with adorable designs on them – my son has a pair with trains on them and always says “choo choo” while he points to his feet.

Carozoo Kids’ Shoe Review

Carozoo is a Canadian brand.  All of the shoes have suede soles, so Carozoo representatives say that they don’t recommend them for outdoor use.  However, we have found them to be just fine for outdoor use if you don’t mind feet getting a little wet.  We have even waterproofed the soles ourselves, or used them underneath Stonz waterproof booties (an absolute must have, if you don’t have them already). .

The second best part?  Most shoes are priced around $12, with some specialty boots going up to $16.  I paid $5.75 for shipping from Canada and it is only $1 extra for each additional pair of shoes.  They even have a 10% off promotional code on the front page of their web site.   You can buy them from the web site, or from

And now the best part:  You can win these Elephant moccasins in size 2-3 years old –  just by liking us on facebook, following us on twitter or tweeting about the giveaway!! And you can enter daily!!  Use the buttons below to enter.  Giveaway entries will end on Sunday, November 24 and the winner will be chosen randomly.

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