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So I really suck at sharing before and after photos from my clients, but I really should because EVERYONE makes amazing progress and why should I hide all this amazing body transformation from you??  This is the type of stuff that motivates ME, so it must motivate you too… so, without any further delay, let me introduce to you: Inga.

I was rolling through my progress photos of clients from LAST YEAR and was caught by her progress.  Sometimes body transformations are more subtle and sometimes they’re BAM in your face.  This is a BAM in your face, one.

You see, this happened in just under 2 months… and this was sticking to her “eating plan” just about 80% of the time, with plenty of room for FUN EATING and REAL LIFE.   Her plan was what we call SUSTAINABLE.

Look at how flat her stomach is in the after photos, and how much DEFINITION her arms have!!  I haven’t altered these photos in any way – no funny lighting, no filters.  These are legit bathroom mirror pictures.  She looks amazing!!  

Body Transformation: What part of your body would you like to transform like this?

Body Transformation

Inga was already pretty athletic, but she had a lot of little eating habits that were keeping her from looking and feeling the way she wanted to.  We used a slow and gentle system of resetting her eating habits.  As a mom of three, going all-in and changing EVERYTHING at once (like with a meal plan) was NOT the way to go.  She was also pretty clear that certain things needed to stay (hello, wine)… but she was able to incorporate all of that stuff into her nutrition strategy in a way that didn’t impede her results!

She also wasn’t doing enough resistance training (weight lifting), which is key for maintaining muscle when you’re trying to lose fat.  Without resistance training, you end up looking skinny instead of strong and chiseled!

What’s one area of your body you’d like to see this type of progress on??  Comment and let me know!  

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