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I’m really excited to have this Q&A With Alyx Ulbrich – she is a WBFF Fitness Pro, Ironman Triathlete and UltraRunner who coaches men and women on their fitness journeys. I always talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, and Alyx has long been one of those people for me.  She has a magnetic social media presence and a very “real” perspective on what it’s like to live fit.  
When I decided to start a series of posts featuring women who were “dealing with their lives” still taking their fitness to the next level, I knew I wanted Alyx to be a part of it.  It’s easy to look at a covermodel-types like Alyx and forget that they are real people, too, with the same challenges and responsibilities as any other person.  
Catch up with Alyx Ulbrich and Ulbrich Fit at the Ulbrich Fit Web Site, on instagram, on facebook and on snapchat.

Q&A With Alyx Ulbrich

LS: ‘What’s your mission in life? Personally or professionally.
AU: My mission in life both professionally and personally is to inspire people to take control of their own destinations. So many people have just given up, “its my genetics to be fat”, ” I wasn’t meant to be successful”, ” I just have bad luck” I want people to wake up and realize if they take control of their actions, while they can’t control life’s curveballs, they can control how they choose to react to life.

LS: Have you always had a vision for where you wanted to go in life, or has the path been slow to reveal itself?
AU: I’ve always had the idea that I wanted to motivate and inspire others. The path itself has slowly evolved, over time and I assume it will continue to do so along my journey. I have been so happy to have a patient, and supporting husband, who has been flexible as I take career leaps, investment risks, and change directions along the way!!! I see so many people stick to the “safe” path, and end up working a job they never dreamed about, and in the long run the effects showing on their body, health, and happiness!

LS: You’re fortunate that fitness is your career, so there’s no question about whether you’ll make time for going to the gym or not. Still, do you ever struggle with motivation or want to quit? If not, was there a time in your life when you did? How did you overcome that?
AU: Lauren, you’d be shocked, but even though my job is as flexible as my laptop, sometimes I find an entire day has passed and I’ve spent 8 or 12 hours behind my desk! At that point I have zero to no motivation to workout and have to really push past it! I try to combat potential gym slacking, by making myself appointments in my calendar for my gym time, so I have a scheduled break in my day to put the work in!!! As a multiple knee surgery recipient I’ve definitely overcome some struggles, with motivation, belief in myself, and strength to get thru a single workout. All you can do when struggling, is take the right actions daily until you begin to see the progress. Trust the program your trainer or coach has created for you, and follow the plan consistently, and progress will happen!

LS: At this point in your life, what responsibilities do you have to juggle to make it happen? What else do you have on your plate?
AU: My husband and I are guardians to his 16 year old brother, so while we’re not parents, we get to play them daily! My husband is in the Marine Corps, and deploys frequently, usually 3 to 4 times a year for 60 -90 days at a time. So when he’s gone I get to juggle the teenager and the dog at home by myself! Other than our at home responsibilities, we are both active athletes, my husband playing Rugby and training for Ironman’s between bodybuilding shows… myself a WBFF Pro Fitness Model competitor, a active Ironman triathlete, and an ultra runner… Its safe to say we ALWAYS have a fitness activity to train for!!! On top of our personal, and fitness responsibilities, we are both Magnum Nutraceutical and Rudy Project sponsored athletes, and we run our own businesses UlbrichFit and Team A to Z.

LS: How do you “keep it all together” and still have time to work out/food prep? Do you have any special tips on time management, motivation, etc? I noticed you were recently seeking interns, so it seems that having a “team Alyx” is part of your strategy that we could all learn from.
AU: I generally make breakfast fresh each morning, and dinner fresh each day… So my “meal prep” is done while making these two meals for myself and my families many in between meals!!! Like I mentioned above, I set myself workout “appointments” so that I remain committed, and I also have a few close girlfriends I keep accountable with to get it all done!!! Right now my goal with interns is, yes to have an extra set of hands, but also to to help mold future leaders in the fitness industry.

LS: With your extensive coaching experience, are there any big mistakes you frequently see people make when they’re starting out on a fitness journey? Do you have any advice for the newbie?
AU: I see people try to doing 180 lifestyle and workout switch, going from a desk job with minimal workout experiences and eating anything they please, to a stick diet and some intense workout class or fad; without seeing how intensely they are shocking their body! While I appreciate the strong willed approach, I recommend doing slow, gradual changes, like eliminating soda, and going for a walk daily… that way the changes are one’s they can commit too, versus being burnt out in a month!

 Catch up with Alyx Ulbrich and Ulbrich Fit at the Ulbrich Fit Web Site, on instagram, on facebook and on snapchat.

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