Everything is connected.  Like the popular “Butterfly Effect” says, everything affects everything else – this is especially true of your body, mind and spirit.

Focusing on only fitness, movement, nutrition, cooking, housekeeping, stress management, budgeting or parenting doesn’t give you complete benefits because it doesn’t take into account how other parts of your life are intertwined with them – For example, it can be hard to eat right when you don’t know how to cook.  It can be hard to eat healthy when stress in your life drives you to self soothe using food.  It can be hard to avoid healthy food when your finances are in disarray and your priorities present an obstacle.  All these things must be addressed in a gentle, respectful and empathetic manner.

My Coaching Philosophy - Fitness and Nutrition

My Coaching Philosophy – Fitness and Nutrition

Total Lifestyle Management is designed to be a source for tools, solutions and support for every aspect of your life.  My coaching services address the whole person – from the head to the toes, the inside and out.  I focus on providing my clients with tools to make lasting change.

It doesn’t matter what you have been doing, only what you’re about to do.

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