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Breasts and Fitness

  Let’s talk about ladies health, the breastesses and important factors for keeping yourself healthy while being a woman! Breasts and fitness! Breasts and Fitness So, first thing’s first – as am om of two kids ,I breastfed two kids

Men's Fitness Online: 13 Ways You're Not As Fit As You Think You Are

13 Ways You’re Not As Fit As You Think You Are: Featured in Men’s Fitness Online

Hey everybody!  I’m excited to tell you that I was featured in “13 Ways You’re Not As Fit As You Think You Are” in Men’s Fitness online.  Please check out the article here and see the two sections I contributed

Sports Affirmations for Running: Download this FREE MP3 to train your mind the way you train your body.

Free Sports Affirmations for Running MP3

Do you run?  I’ve dabbled in running for most of my “Fit” life – it’s so convenient and I love being in the great outdoors.  I would by no means consider myself a great runner.  About 10 years ago, I

An Interview With Britney Culp, the First Blind Woman to Compete in NPC Bikini Competition.

Brittany Culp: How Does She Do It? An Interview With The First Blind NPC Bikini Competitor

Inspiration, Motivation and Perspective.  Brittany Culp was the first blind competitor in the NPC Bikini Division – I am honored that she granted me an interview.  Brittany and I became friends as co-members in an exclusive online community called FitnessModels.com/

Why We Sold (Almost) Everything We Own

Why We Sold Everything We Owned (Almost)

So, there once was a family of three who decided they were going to move to Spain. Yes, you heard me. Spain.  And we sold everything we owned.  Almost. Why We Sold Everything We Own (Almost) Most of you may