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Why Collagen is a Waste of Money

Collagen Is a Waste of Money!

If you’re online, then you’ve probably seen a lot of ads for new Collagen products, lately.  These collagen products promise to help you improve your skin, the appearance of stretch marks and the appearance of loose skin.  Lots of companies

Enjoying his banana on a stick!

How to lose weight while breastfeeding

Moms, the struggle is real.  Staying fit is hard enough in the first place, let alone after being pregnant for nine months and THEN the responsibilities of being a mom to a growing family.  Even worse, your fitness takes on

Healthy Kids Shoes: 6 Things to look for and a list of brands

Healthy Kids Shoes

Choosing the right footwear for your kids is crucial for promoting optimal development of gait patterns, spinal curves, deep body stabilization, proper alignment of bones and efficient control of the body by the nervous system. There are more than 33

Kid Equipment: What do car seats, strollers and other kid equipment do to little bodies?

Kid Equipment

As a general rule, “kid equipment” can be undesirable in three ways: 1. It forces your child to be sedentary – time spent moving is extremely important for a child’s physical development. Movement is the “miracle grow” of the brain,

Is Your Home Physical-Development Friendly? 5 Tips for Creating a Healthy Home

Have A Physical Development Friendly House

Having a healthy, vibrant adult body starts during childhood. Team sports, PE class and normal play aren’t enough to keep children’s bodies mobile, aligned and healthy. Our bodies change in response to our environment – everything from the temperature, light